It Looks Like the Toyota Supra Will Finally Return in Time for the Detroit Auto Show

If you're anything like our Kerry Toyota staff, then you've been waiting to see a new Toyota Supra since the day after the classic racer retired. Well, we don't know about you, Florence, KY, but we have the feeling that that day may soon arrive. There's been quite a bit of buzz about it on the internet lately and everything on the internet is true, right?

OK, just kidding. But seriously, there have been quite a few reports about the Supra making a grand return and it looks like it's all going down in Motor City. That’s right, from what we've heard, the brass is prepping to reveal a 2015 Supra at the Detroit Motor Show in January.

Emissions are what ultimately took the Supra down over a decade ago. So it would certainly make sense to us to put a hybrid Supra-like supercar on the main stage in Motown. Most experts believe that the vehicle in question will take quite a few design cues from the FT-HS concept that debuted way back in 2007. That being said, the bosses are being pretty quiet about the whole thing. A little too quiet if you ask us.

The good news is we're only weeks away from the auto show and the internet always seems to be especially leaky leading up to these events. We'll follow the story as it unfolds, and we'll let you know when we have another proper installment in the Toyota sports car saga.

In the meantime, feel free to drop into our showroom to check out the range of ecofriendly new Toyota models we've got ready to hit the road today.

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