Toyota Strives to Have Common Components Across Entire Model Lineup

One aspect we love about the new Toyota lineup is how diverse the offerings are. Customers can choose from anything ranging from the versatile and spacious 4Runner, to the compact and efficient Camry Hybrid sedan. What's interesting to consider is that while these models may look different, they actually have a lot in common when it comes to the components they are made of. In fact, Toyota is now working on streamlining the process further so that models share even more similarities.

In order to do so, the automaker hopes to narrow down the number of unique Toyota parts required to make each model. By creating more common components, Toyota plans to cut down on both cost and time by about 30 percent. Therefore, even though a sedan looks quite different from an SUV structurally, it might actually be composed of similar parts that create the power steering or other interior features.


A generous amount of time and resources have been put towards customized car parts in the past. One area in particular is safety features, where Toyota has developed 50 different types of knee-level airbags for each model. If the automaker were to standardize their components, then it would be able to decrease the amount of unique parts needed by about 80 percent.

Another area of focus is radiator production. Toyota has so far been able to narrow 100 different variations down to just 21. It also plans to further reduce the number of cylinder sizes in its engines from 18 down to six by 2016.

With a more streamlined process for producing vehicle parts, dealerships like Kerry Toyota will then become stocked with more plentiful inventory that was less costly to produce. To see for yourself how components have become standardized across the lineup, simply visit our dealership conveniently serving the Covington KY, Cincinnati and Fairfield, OH areas. We'd be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have about available Toyota leasing opportunities.

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