The Toyota Sports Car Saga Continues with News about a Hybrid Racer

If you're up on the latest Toyota news then you've probably heard recent rumblings about a new sports car coming from our favorite Japanese outfit.

Well, it's been a quiet couple of weeks on the rear-wheel drive front, but right on cue we stumbled across another update. As it turns out, the rumor mill hasn't been a complete tease as the latest buzz suggests that Toyota will, indeed, deliver a finely tuned supercar soon. But it's probably not the type that you were expecting.

At first we were a little bummed to find out that there are still no plans to resurrect the Supra. However, after we learned about what's heading our way, we perked up quite a bit.

It turns out that Toyota has been working with a well-known Bavarian manufacturer to develop a hybrid sports car. Apparently it will be a real top-shelf sort of model, too. The vehicle in question will directly compete with the exotic automakers who have already staked out the more efficient end of the performance sector. Chances are it will feature a larger than average powertrain, but will also receive a healthy dose of that hybrid technology that Toyota is known for.

Finally, Supra fans can take a bit of comfort in the fact that there are more joint platforms in the works. So we just get might get that comeback we were hoping for after all. For more, keep up on our Kerry Toyota Blog and we'll keep after the developments.

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