Toyota Kicking Around the Idea of Turbodiesel for the Tundra

The newly revamped Toyota Tundra once successfully pulled a space shuttle a distance of over a mile to a museum. So, we think that our automaker here at Kerry Toyota has proven that the popular truck model has enough power, technology, and towing to get any job done that you need it to. But now, Toyota is potentially going to provide some equally powerful, albeit more efficient engine options.

One of the ways Toyota is looking to upload and enhance the model is by potentially adding a Cummins Turbodiesel engine as a special edition of the truck model.

For those of us who aren't so familiar with automotive parts manufacturers, Cummins is one of the best manufacturers of diesel engines, controls, filtration systems, and electric power generators across multiple industries and disciplines. Their turbodiesel engines have been used in some other truck models, with increased efficiency and no loss of power, so Toyota is expecting similar results if and when they insert these powerful and fuel-sipping engines into the Tundra.

Making the move to a diesel engine option would certainly make sense for the model, as efficiency is already a focus in its production, however, there also might a hybrid powertrain installed on new Tundra models instead.

The future of Toyota trucking is certainly exciting, but the current Toyota new model lineup is incredibly exciting as well. Located at 6050 Hopeful Church Road in Florence, KY, our showroom is conveniently located to serve the greater Cincinnati and Fairfield, OH areas as well.

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