Toyota Tacoma is being Touted by Interesting Characters in new TV Spot

Usually, when we see pickup truck commercials on television, they play on the same stereotypes every single time. And while the new Toyota Tacoma model is certainly capable of towing or hauling cargo with the very best in the industry, its most recent advertisements show that these valuable truck attributes can be shown off in a different manner, in this case with some great humor.

In four new ads Toyota uses absurd characters to highlight the absurdly convenient features of the new Tacoma.

For instance, in one spot, a driver's overly-emotional girlfriend produces a copious amount of tears in her boyfriend's Tacoma. Not to fear though; the new model features water-resistant seats and completely all-weather proof floor mats.

In another spot, a mime attempts to use a Tacoma as a prop in his act. As he attempts to tug on a rope attached the model, he is suddenly yanked away in the opposite direction by the truck's 6,500 pounds of towing capacity, and has a hard time detaching himself from the secure tie-downs that are included on Tacoma model beds.

In another spot, a Tacoma uses its rearview camera to read a book about how to play chess, while playing chess with the devil. We think you'll find the rearview camera useful even if you never encounter this highly unlikely scenario.

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