Take a Look Back at 20 Years of Comfort and Capability with the Toyota RAV4

We'll admit that it's hard to believe the Toyota RAV4 has been on the road in Florence, KY for two full decades, but it's true. Once you take a look at this quick retrospective, you'll believe it, too.

After you catch a glimpse at the original, you realize that the compact crossover has seen its share of changes over the years. It has added a little more space and it's picked up a bit more style, but the basic philosophy has remained constant through the last 20 years -- you don't need a huge SUV to get a comfortable and capable ride.

To get a firsthand view at the space and style of the latest RAV4, we welcome you to stop into our Kerry Toyota showroom. Our sales team would be happy to pull the curtain back. Plus, we can cover all the highlights as you get to know one of our most popular vehicles.

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