Kerry Toyota Express Purchase Process

Kerry Toyota Express Purchase

An easy way to buy your next car.

Step 1

Go to and select the new car inventory and select your new car!
Step 2

Once you have selected your vehicle you will then be on the vehicle display page. 

From here there are multiple placing you can start the purchase online.

1.  You can select the drop down menu at the top.
2.  You can select the payment estimator below pricing.
3.  Or the additional payment estimator button below.
Step 3

Once you have selected one of the ways to begin the process a drop down menu will show.

1.  If you have a trade in, you can start there putting in all the information for your trade.


2.  You can select the payment calculator
Step 4

Once you are in the payment estimator, you can adjust and see many items.

1.  Adjust your down payment
2.  Review current offers from Toyota
3.  Active Military or Recent College Graduate
4.  Adjust the term

A breakdown will show your total down with incentive and available rates.  The payment is an estimate and will require your credit application for final approval.
Step 5

Maybe you want to lease instead of purchase click the tab at the top and perform the same actions as the purchase.

A breakdown will show all things added and in the lease and give you a final payment.
Step 6

Simple so far.

Now we need to ensure that you qualify for the rates and to speed the process along you can apply for credit online thru a secure website.

1.  Click the apply for credit and get your answers fast.
Step 7

That's about it!  

We will reserve your car for you with a deposit that is fully refundable.  

In some cases the vehicle may be in the process of being sold, but don't worry, we will get you another.

If you didn't reserve your vehicle but did complete the other steps online, please just give us a call and set up a time to stop out.  We will have all your information ready and prepared for you and be able to make the in store process that much quicker.
 Let's get started!  
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