Toyota Employee Purchase Program


It's easy for Toyota Employees to purchase their vehicles at Kerry Toyota.  Please don't hesitate to give us a call or stop by.  Along with special vehicle pricing you'll receive special pricing on parts and service.

Toyota Dealer Policies and Procedures 
  1. a)  Toyota is launching the VSPP where by TMS, TFS, Airflite, Bodine, Calty, ITC,TABC,TIEM, TLS, TMHU, TMMAL, TMMI, TMMK, TMMMS, TMMTX, TMMWV, TEMA, TMPS, TRD, TMA, Team Members, Retirees, and their eligible family members will be able to purchase vehicles directly out of dealer stock.

  2. b)  Under the VSPP, each buyer who brings a valid buyer's certificate to a participating dealer is entitled to purchase an eligible vehicle at the "Preferred Price".

Program Duration, Termination and Enrollment Period

  1. a)  TheProgram began on June 6, 2011 and will remain in effect until terminated at the discretion of TMS.

  2. b)  Toyota reserves the right to terminate the VSPP at any time.

  3. c)  Dealer may terminate at anytime with 30 days written notice to Dealer's regional representative or private distributor.


  1. a)  "AttachmentA"is defined as the document that TMS will   provide with each Buyer's Certificate. A copy of the current "Attachment A" is available under the Dealer Daily's Corporate Message Center. This document will:

    1. i)  List all vehicles eligible for the "Preferred Price"

    2. ii)  List any available National Incentives on those vehicles

  2. b)  "Buyer" is defined as the person listed on the "Buyer's Certificate" who is authorized by

    Toyota to purchase a vehicle under the VSPP.

  3. c)  "Buyer'sCertificate"is defined as the coupon issued by Toyota, completed by theToyota Team Member or retiree, signed by the buyer, and presented to the dealership.

  4. d)  "Courtesy Delivery Fee" is defined as the amount that Toyota will pay to the selling dealer upon completion of a sale pursuant to the VSPP. The "Courtesy Delivery Fee" for participating Toyota dealers will not exceed $750.00 United States Dollars (USD).

  5. e)  "EligibleFamilyMembers"are defined as a Toyota Team Member's spouse, parent(s), parent(s)-in-law, stepparent(s), grandparent(s), grandparent(s)-in-law, step-grandparent(s), children, son(s)-in-law, daughter(s)-in-law, stepchildren, sibling(s), sibling(s)-in-law, step sibling(s), aunt(s)/uncle(s), aunt(s)/uncle(s)-in-law, step-aunt(s)/uncle(s) and same gender domestic partners.

Toyota Vehicle Special Purchase Program

i) "National Special Purchase Incentives" are defined as those incentives, and only those incentives, listed on "Attachment A" of each Buyer's Certificate. Under the VSPP, the Buyer may choose to receive the benefit of any applicable national incentives as listed in "Attachment A". The "Preferred Price" is not available for any incentives not listed in "Attachment A". If the Buyer wants to take advantage of any other TMS or dealer incentives, the program "Preferred Price" will not apply and this Buyer's Certificate will not be honored.


The Sales Process

  1. a)  The Toyota Team Member will obtain and complete a Buyer's Certificate for the purchase of a vehicle under the Program.

  2. b)  If applicable, the Toyota Team Member will send the original Buyer's Certificate to the eligible family member.

    1. i)  Only the original Buyer's Certificate signed by a Toyota Team Member and Buyer will be honored

    2. ii)  Mechanical reproductions or facsimiles are not valid 

Toyota Vehicle Special Purchase Program

Toyota Dealer Policies and Procedures

c) TheBuyerwillchooseaparticipatingdealerandproducetheoriginalsignedBuyer'sCertificate upon request

i) Each Buyer's Certificate may only be used for one transaction

  1. d)  Upon receipt of the Buyer's Certificate, the participating dealer should immediately verify the


    1. i)  That the Buyer's Certificate is an original and not a copy

    2. ii)  That the Buyer's Certificate and "Attachment A" have not expired

    iii) That the dealer can locate and present the vehicle invoice to the Buyer

  2. e)  The participating dealer may then facilitate the sale of an in-stock Eligible Vehicle at the "Preferred Price". In addition, the participating dealer should apply any applicable national incentives listed on "Attachment A" to the Buyer's Certificate.

    1. i)  Not all eligible vehicles will have national incentive support under the VSPP. Some vehicles may be eligible for purchase under the VSPP, but will not have additional national incentives.

    2. ii)  If the Buyer wishes to take advantage of any other discounts or incentives not listed in "Attachment A", whether offered by TMS or the participating dealer, including but not limited to Annual Percentage Rate (APR), lease subvention or customer cash, the purchase will not be eligible for the VSPP.

      1. At that point, the participating dealer is no longer bound by the policies and procedures as described in "Attachment A" and the transaction should be handled in the participating dealer's ordinary course of business.

      2. The VSPP Buyer's Certificate will not be honored.

      3. The participating dealer will not receive the program's Courtesy Delivery Fee and the participating dealer or Buyer will not receive the national incentive payment as listed in "Attachment A" to the Buyer's Certificate.

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